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About us


Since 1992, Arab Media TV Productions has been providing TV Production and Distribution services to different clients in Jordan, the Middle East and across the world. Arab Media is distinguished in the region with its large experience, which includes establishing and running TV channels, producing TV programs, documentaries, drama series, awareness raising programs, TV debates among others, subtitling, dubbing, editing and providing consultancy services to national, regional and international stakeholders. The experience of our staff members combined exceeds ten decades of work in the field of media and TV production. Arab Media uses cutting edge high quality equipment to produce its programs. We have a large collection of productions, of which we are the sole copyright holders. Our programs and equipment are available for hire at anytime and at a short notice. Our work is characterized by its accuracy, high quality and timeliness.





Since its inception, Arab Media Productions has become a prominent production and distribution house, and has become known for its reliability, accuracy and the quality of its work. Arab Media’s achievements include:


  • Jordanian Movie Channel II: In partnership with Jordanian TV, as a contractor, Arab Media has managed to establish and run a Jordanian Movie channel between 2001 and 2007. Utilising the technical and administrative expertise of its staff, as well as its international partnerships, Arab Media has been able to provide the channel with its contents, including movies, promotions, programs and graphic support. The channel was the first in the Arab World specialised in non-Arabic movies, and has attracted a wide range of audiences. The channels success paved the way for other media platforms to follow the steps of the TV channel in the Arab World.
  • Royal Jordanian Court: Arab Media has provided the Royal Jordanian Court with services through providing TV channels with recorded interviews with King Abdullah II and Queen Rania. Arab Media has provided the Royal Jordanian Court with other services as well.


  • Documentary Films: Arab Media has produced a number of documentary films, including a film about the Jordanian Special Forces, aiming to raise awareness about their role and the role of the army and security forces. Arab Media’s documentaries have received praise for their objectivities, accuracy and high quality.


  • Golden Award: Arab Media has won the golden award for the twelfth Radio and TV festival, which has taken place in Bahrain. Bab Al wad series has won the award as it showcased Arab Media’s high quality production, facilitated by its great technical and administrative expertise.



  • Libyan TV Channel 218: In less than two months, Arab Media Production has established a Libyan news channel, in collaboration with local partners, by providing it with all forms of support. Arab Media has ensured that the channel is launched by October 2015, through providing it with equipment, setting up its studios, providing it with program and news contents, coordinating its news sources, and following up on its progress step by step.


Our Services


We provide a wide range of services to all sectors, and our services include:

  • Production House: We provide technical and administrative expertise to our clients, using cutting-edge technology and modern-day equipment. Our staff members are available to provide support through consultancies and through working closely with clients to produce any type of contents needed for TV production. As a production house, we are also very equipped to fully set up TV channels, and provide all type of production support services.
  • Equipment Procurement and Hire: We can procure equipment to customers and we also offer our equipment for hire. Our available equipment include but are not limited to sound and video studios equipped with the latest sound devices, Full HD montage unit, Full HD Cameras, lightings, cranes and more. For more details on available equipment do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Translation and Subtitling Unit: Arab Media has established an English to Arabic translation and subtitling unit, with the ability to provide subtitling services for movies, TV series, documentaries and others. Using the best technology and a highly qualified team of linguists, our subtitling services have been praised for being the most accurate in the region.
  • Voice Over: Our voice over services have been used by a number of high profile clients, interested in voice over art for documentaries, TV series, and cartoons. We deal with the best voice over artists in the region, and our services are timely, accurate and advanced.
  • TV Library: Arab Media TV Productions is the exclusive copyright holder for a large number of TV programs, movies, and series. For full details of our library, you can request a catalogue.